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It's not what you look at that matters. 

It's what you see.  

   - H. D. Thoreau 


My vision is to revolutionize the way people relate with themselves, at work & in their relationships by empowering them with skills to access more aliveness, connection and authenticity.


All my activities are centered around optimizing your potential

through effective communication, awareness and personal leadership.


It's my mission to help you unlock opportunities, thrive at work,

deepen your relationships & accomplish more. 

Let's connect!



  • meaningful conversations & truthful connection

  • personal leadership & self growth

  • breathtaking nature scenes

  • fireside chats

  • stargazing

  • traveling - especially to Big Sur

  • the beautiful cities of Amsterdam & The Hague

  • being artistic, innovative & creative 

  • collecting nourishing moments

  • authenticity & synchronicity

  • wayfinders, wilderness & trailblazers

  • enriching the lives of others


Each of my offerings are colored with an original and unique flair,

due to my many years of experience in the classic consultancy and training world,

combined with extensive global studies in the disciplines of leadership & self-development,

and my profound passion for the power and potential of group dynamics.




  • I enjoy guiding people on a journey towards more insight about themselves

  • I know how to create connection and build bridges

  • I like fresh experiences and keeping things exciting

  • I deliver a different perspective + see things through a non-conventional lens

  • I have a talent for simplifying complex matters

  • I'm a genuine relationship builder

  • I quickly reach solid depth 

  • I'm very dedicated and resourceful

  • I understand and utilize the power of language + communication

  • I adore unlocking dormant potential

  • I love hunting for solutions

  • I spot the possibilities in any given situation




  • native Belgian, currently living in the Netherlands

  • master's degree in French & Spanish Socio-Linguistics and Literature

  • experienced facilitator + teacher + mentor + course writer at Artevelde and Vives University Colleges & Nyenrode Business University


  • conducted more than 300 consultancy projects over the years

  • lived, traveled & learned all over the world

  • favorite places are Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, California (ESALEN Institute, Big Sur) & Amsterdam

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